AFCR CEO & Founder Dr. Sujuan Ba has been awarded the Inaugural Leadership Award for Global Advocate of Cancer Research at BIOHK2023

Sujuan Ba, Ph.D. has been awarded the Leadership Award for Global Advocate of Cancer Research by the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization (HKBIO) at their BIOHK2023 Conference (13-16 September, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre). Dr. Ba is the President, CEO and Founder of the Asian Fund for Cancer Research, CEO & Co-Founder of the AIM-HI Accelerator Fund, and President & CEO of the National Foundation for Cancer Research.

This award was established by HKBIO in 2023 to recognize outstanding individuals who have made a significant impact on advancing cancer treatment, detection, and diagnosis for cancer patients worldwide. The inaugural award was presented to Dr. Ba by Mr. Peter Nobel, Chairman of Nobel Sustainability Trust, at the opening ceremony of BIOHK2023 on 13 September 2023.

“I am incredibly honored to receive this award at BIOHK2023. I am privileged to work with some of the most committed, brightest, and innovative minds in cancer research in Asia and worldwide. Cancer patients, survivors, and supporters are the fuel behind my passion for finding cures for all cancers. I view being named by BIOHK as their award recipient as an opportunity for renewed momentum to continue my work around the globe. ” Says Dr. Sujuan Ba.

BIOHK2023 provides a platform for in-depth discussions on research results and future development trends to allow pioneers of the biotech industry to gather and collaborate through interactive sessions, panel discussions, and podium presentations; leaders, scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs from different disciplines discuss research outcomes, network, and share innovative thinking on various topics to cultivate new market trends.

In addition to The Leadership Award for Global Advocate of Cancer Research, a series of other awards were presented at HKBIO2023 to both individuals and organizations.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Academician Han Jisheng (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Best Global Biotechnology Venture Capital of the Year Award – DEFTA Partners
  • Top Life Sciences Book of the Year Award – Life Science Unicorns, from a China Investment Perspective (Mr. Da Liu, Managing Director, CR-CP Life Science Fund)
  • Best Pharmaceutical Company of the Year Award – Lee’s Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd
  • Best Ophthalmology Company of the Year Award – Zhaoke Ophthalmology Ltd
  • Best Diagnostic Company of the Year Award – New Horizon Health Ltd


About the Asian Fund for Cancer Research

The Asian Fund for Cancer Research (AFCR) is a nonprofit organization committed to combatting cancers that disproportionately affect Asian populations. Headquartered in Hong Kong and with a global reach, AFCR is uniquely positioned to investigate the unique causes of cancer in Asian demographics through innovative genetic and molecular research. The organization accelerates cutting-edge cancer research breakthroughs and technologies while developing more potent therapies for cancer patients across Asia and the world. Further insights can be found at

 About the AIM-HI Accelerator Fund

The AIM-HI Accelerator Fund (AIM-HI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2019 with an initial capacity building grant from the National Foundation for Cancer Research to accelerate the translation of cancer drug discoveries by investing in seed-stage oncology companies. AIM-HI Accelerator Fund is bridging the gap between innovative cancer discoveries and high-impact cancer treatments and technologies. To learn more about AIM-HI Accelerator Fund, visit

About the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR)

The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides scientists in the lab the funding they need to make breakthrough discoveries in cancer treatments, detection, prevention and ultimately, a cure for all cancer. NFCR has distinguished itself in the cancer research sector by emphasizing long-term, transformative research often overlooked by other major scientific funding sources. With the help of more than 5.3 million individual donors over the last 50 years, NFCR has provided $410 million in funding to cancer research, prevention, and public education, which has led to many significant and life-saving discoveries that benefit patients today. For more information, visit 

 About the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization

The Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization (HKBIO) is an independent non-profit organization with the goal to promote best practice, raise awareness across the biotechnology industry while providing added value benefits to its members, whether they are students, researchers, entrepreneurs, industry bodies, public or private sector representatives. HKBIO’s vision is to be the recognized peak industry body representing Hong Kong and China’s Biotechnology Industry by effectively fostering leadership, partnership networks and knowledge growth, bringing benefits of Biotechnology to the local and global community. For more information, visit