Funded Cancer Research

Breakthroughs in cancer research require connections, collaboration and dedicated efforts from scientists and clinicians. AFCR is dedicated to sponsoring and supporting innovative research projects that unlock new information about how cancer forms and spreads, and, most importantly, how to treat it.

AFCR’s funded initiatives and projects are led by some of the brightest minds in science and medicine throughout Asia, and their efforts focus on various types of cancer and stages of research: basic, translational and clinical.

Basic Research

Read about research funded by AFCR into cancer’s underlying mechanisms, pathways, vulnerabilities and other features and those scientists and research-physicians seeking new discoveries

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Translational Research

Learn about AFCR’s support for the development and conversion of exciting laboratory breakthroughs into new and more effective cancer treatments, screenings and preventive technologies

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Clinical Research

See how AFCR has been instrumental in the launch of promising new clinical trials—the critically important tests of experimental drug and medical technologies and procedures for cancer patients

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