AFCR Takes Center Stage at the Nasdaq Closing Bell Ceremony


Standing Together for a Greater Cause

In a remarkable display of unity, Dr. Sujuan B., CEO of the Asian Fund for Cancer Research (AFCR), and Dr. Kwok Leung, CFO, proudly stood shoulder to shoulder with the Global Coalition for Adaptive Research (GCAR), esteemed partners, brave patients, and dedicated advocates at the prestigious Nasdaq Closing Bell Ceremony. This momentous event, held during National Brain Tumor Awareness Month, served as a powerful platform to celebrate our collective efforts and raise awareness about the groundbreaking global brain tumor trial, GBMAGILE.

Live Streaming of Nasdaq Closing Bell on 19 May 2023:

GBM AGILE: Revolutionizing Brain Tumor Trials

Among the many initiatives spearheaded by GCAR, GBM AGILE stands as a beacon of hope for patients diagnosed with glioblastoma (GBM), the deadliest form of malignant primary brain tumors. GBM accounts for a significant portion of all primary brain cancers, with a median survival rate of less than 15 months and few treatment options approved in the past four decades.

GBM AGILE, led by GCAR, is a trailblazing multi-stakeholder adaptive platform trial designed to transform the landscape of brain tumor research. It challenges the traditional clinical trial model by prioritizing patient-centric approaches and enabling real-time modifications to the trial protocol. This groundbreaking trial empowers patients with access to multiple treatment options, facilitating faster evaluation of potential therapies and bringing us closer to finding more effective treatments for GBM.

Seed Funding: Nurturing Innovation from Day One

From the inception of GBM AGILE, AFCR recognized the immense potential of this innovative trial. We took pride in providing critically-needed seed funding from day one, enabling GCAR and its partners to push the boundaries of brain tumor research. This pivotal financial support has enabled GBM AGILE to thrive, facilitating remarkable advancements in the field of brain tumor research and revolutionizing the landscape of clinical trials for glioblastoma.

Through AFCR’s investment, we have contributed to shaping GBM AGILE into a game-changing platform trial that accelerates the evaluation and approval of potential life-saving cancer treatments. This seed funding has propelled the development and success of GBM AGILE, bringing us closer to transforming the lives of GBM patients and offering hope to those in need.

Driving Transformative Change: AFCR’s Commitment

At AFCR, our commitment to driving transformative change in cancer research is unwavering. We firmly believe in the power of innovation, collaboration, and patient-centered approaches. GBM AGILE exemplifies these principles, revolutionizing the way brain tumor trials are conducted and paving the way for more efficient and effective treatment strategies.

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