AFCR’s South Pole Trek for Cancer Research

Join AFCR Chairman, Lance Kawaguchi, on an extraordinary journey to the South Pole this December as he takes on the ultimate challenge of walking 14,871 steps each day, symbolizing the 14,871 lives lost to cancer in Hong Kong to raise awareness and vital funds for cancer research.  This enduring trek represents AFCR’s unwavering commitment to advancing innovative breakthroughs and saving patient lives affected by cancer.

A personal message from the Chairman:


The South Pole Trek is not just a personal endeavor, but a call to action for individuals, corporations, and communities to unite behind this critical cause. With your support, we can accelerate groundbreaking research projects, fueling hope for cancer patients and their families.

As Lance prepares for this daring expedition under the harshest of conditions, make sure to follow our fundraising page for updates and opportunities to get involved. Follow Lance’s training progress, witness his unwavering determination, and gain insights into the challenges faced during this extraordinary expedition.

Together, let’s take bold steps toward a cancer-free future. Join the journey today to make every step count!



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