Support for the World Cancer Declaration has reached an important milestone as Dr. Chen Zhu, Minister of Health in China, officially signed the World Cancer Declaration.

Dr. Chen's support for the World Cancer Declaration is an important contribution to the excellent work already being carried out in China to advance the Declaration and its call to significantly reduce the global cancer burden by 2020. China's promotion of the World Cancer Declaration complements work being done since 2006 in support of the Tianjin Declaration outlining specific steps to improve cancer control in China. Chinese members have also established a UICC Spoke Network in order to unify all UICC members in the country in order to undertake joint activities and promote advocacy under the UICC banner. A key component of the Chinese Spoke network is to increase visibility of the World Cancer Declaration among the members' various constituencies by providing translation of the Declaration in Chinese, adapting advocacy materials for local communities, building consensus on priority activities among members and key stakeholders, and developing a two-year plan of action.