Impact Investment: Interview with Arbele


The Asian Fund for Cancer Research aims to accelerate cancer research and technologies through international collaborations.  As part of our mission, AFCR has created the BRACE Award Venture Competition to provide vital support to early-stage biotechs, enabling them to accelerate their innovative therapeutics, diagnostics and cancer prevention products into the clinic, with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for patients affected by cancer globally.

We are proud to be able to offer our support through this seed funding, which will help build a stronger ecosystem for oncology innovation, ensure that promising ventures are able to thrive, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Watch AFCR Chairman Lance Kawaguchi’s interview with Dr John Luk and Dr Dennis Wong from Arbele to discuss how the BRACE Award has been critical to their groundbreaking research on gastrointestinal cancers and share their journey as an early-stage biotech, as they take their drug from preclinical development to a proof of concept clinical trial.

Help support the BRACE Award to fund early-stage biotechs like Arbele by donating today. Your donation will go directly towards funding the research and development of novel treatments for Asian-prevalent cancers.

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For more information on Arbele and this important milestone, read the press release.