Promising Cancer Research Programs Need Your Help!

I am writing today to ask for your 2022 Annual Fund renewal gift to the Asian Fund for Cancer Research, and your decision is absolutely crucial! Currently, talented scientists are waiting for funding to pursue potentially life-saving research projects. Generous friends like you will help determine which investigations will be awarded funds—and which must be delayed until the budget allows.

That’s why we really need your 2022 Annual Fund gift right away! Here is the list of research that your gifts have helped fund. What crucial breakthroughs might have been lost if we had to say “no” to one
of them?

  • International Collaborative Clinical Trial for Fatal Brain Cancer: With AFCR’s founding and continuous funding, an innovative paradigm-changing clinical trial, GBM AGILE, efficiently tests multiple drugs and drug combinations simultaneously. GBM AGILE is enrolling patients 3-4 times the rate of standard trials for GBM. This year several sites in China will open to enable Asian patients to receive the most promising experimental treatments that may save their life.
  • Chemotherapy Delivered Directly to Head and Neck cancers via Platform Technology: A uniquely engineered patch about the size of a 1-cent coin, when placed on tumor sites ensures timely and targeted delivery of high doses without harsh systemic side effects. The patch treated patients with oral cancer in Phase I/II clinical trials and is ready to advance to Phase III trials – the final trial before approval. AFCR and your support helped advance the technology.
  • Gastrointestinal Cancer Deserve This Novel Immunotherapy: A first-in-class bi-specific antibody forms a link between cancer cells and fighter T-cells of our immune system and redirects the T cells to exert their cancer cell-killing function. AFCR’s strong support facilitated the completion of pre-clinical studies, preparing the safe and targeted therapy for Phase I clinical trials to test in patients for the first time.
  • Botanical Drug Platform: Reaching More Patients in Asia: The botanical drug, YIV-906 – is the first-in-class platform for cancer treatment from the pioneering new paradigm that AFCR began supporting in 2010. YIV-906 effects multiple targets in the tumor microenvironment and has synergistic mechanisms of action to enhance the immune response. YIV-906 is paired with the frontline drug sorafenib, to treat patients with Hepatitis B virus-positive liver cancer in a Phase IIb clinical trial. Patients are being treated in 3 USA sites; Hong Kong, 6 sites in Taiwan, and 11 sites in China. YIV-906 has considerable potential to improve the lives of cancer patients.

These groundbreaking investigations and more are waiting for continuing support from you! Could we count on you again? Cancer researchers are counting on your support. Please send your gift here today.