The Urgency of Advancing Cancer Research


As the world’s concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic dominate our thoughts, there is a much greater threat—cancer—that claims the lives of 9.9 million people just in 2020. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis has not only affected our daily lives, but it has also taken funding away from cancer research. While fighting for the virus is critical, we must stay firmly focused on funding cancer science

That’s why I am writing again to ask for your help. This is the time to join AFCR once again and shine a light on the urgency of advancing cancer research.

Your past support has led to tremendous progress in cancer research-game-changing
breakthroughs that were once considered unimaginable, such as:

During this time when resources seem more limited than ever, we still need to raise enough science funding for our research programs.

Can we count on you to renew your support? When you do, you give HOPE to every person fighting cancer today. And you are giving HOPE to their families and friends that a cure will be found, and their loved ones will become cancer survivors!