Cancer-Fighting Lifestyle

Healthy Grilling Tips to Improve Your Cookout

It is no secret that a healthy and balanced diet can greatly improve one’s health. Studies suggest that following a healthy diet could prevent 30-50% of all cancers.

As the warmer weather slowly sneaks up, so do some bad summer eating habits. Summer grilling is a staple in the warmer months, but it often means more fatty meats and fewer vegetables on the plate. This year, the National Foundation for Cancer Research is offering some healthy cookout ideas for summer grilling feasts.

1. Don’t burn the meat

Did you know that regularly consuming thoroughly cooked or charred meat may increase one’s risk of cancer? Avoid eating too much charred meat, and instead, add some other cookout foods in their place. Corn on the cob or a cold summer salad are great (and healthy) compliments to grilled meats!

2. Choose meats wisely

Lean meats, like chicken and fish, are great cookout foods and are healthier than red meats. Research shows that diets high in red and processed meats increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

3. Don’t forget veggies and fruits make great cookout foods

Toss some fruits and veggies on the grill to get some of the tasty grill flavors and reduce the risk of cancer. Fruits and veggies add vitamins, minerals, and fiber – all crucial in preventing cancers.

4. Marinate the meat

A marinade acts as a barrier between meat and the carcinogens. Marinating for 30 minutes before grilling can decrease the formation of cancer-causing carcinogens, which may also increase one’s risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

 5. Clean the grill

Be sure to scrape down the grill after each cookout to get rid of any built-up carcinogenic residue.