News digest – late smear test results, dogs on prescription, cancer gene map, and… salmon sperm sunscreen?

Anne Li                                                                                      August 6th, 2017                            anne1116.lli@gmail.com


This week, Cancer Research UK's News Digest gives us updates on cervical screenings, smoking, genetic weaknesses, stem cell-based cancer treatments, medulloblastoma brain tumours, blood tests, obesity, dogs, immunotherapy, and finally… sunscreen? This week's number is 54, which is the percentage of women in England who receive their cervical screening results on time


See original article at: http://scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org/2017/07/29/news-digest-late-smear-test-results-dogs-on-prescription-cancer-gene-map-and-salmon-sperm-sunscreen/